Europe’s Highest Swing-Set Has Opened On The Edge Of An Amsterdam Building

Why just take in the views when you can ALSO be hurtling into the abyss?

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If you’re visiting Amsterdam, one of the best views of the city can be seen from the newly minted A’DAM sky deck. But it wasn’t enough that this two-floor indoor and outdoor observation deck lets people enjoy the splendour of the Dutch capital with two feet planted on the ground. Oh no, it also needed to imbibe an element of danger in there to really get the ol’ hearts beating.

And with that, the Over The Edge attraction was born.


Over The Edge is officially Europe’s highest swing, and it sits as part of the A’DAM LOOKOUT experience. Daredevils can swing 100 metres high, back and forth over the edge of the tower with a panoramic view of Amsterdam below their feet.


Thrillseekers are secured by restraints and the strings are hydraulically driven so no need to ask your mate for a push off. And while the views are ace, we reckon anyone with vertigo or a fear of heights (ahem) should maybe give this one a miss.

Yeah… nahhhh.