Admire Patagonia’s Rugged Beauty From The Comfort Of These Rustic Domes

Opportunities to admire Patagonia’s incredible landscape are everywhere throughout the rugged region, and when it comes to accommodation, it’s best to opt for something that intrudes as little as possible.

That’s where EcoCamp Patagonia comes in. Situated in Chile’s Torres Del Paine and comprised of a series of sustainable domes (including bar, yoga and community domes), it’s run by Cascada Expeditions.

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A post shared by EcoCamp Patagonia (@ecocamp) on

There are four different types of accommodation to choose from, of which the largest are the Suite Domes and Suite Dome Loft, which have space for groups and families. Each dome also has a low-emissions wood stove and propane heater in the bathroom, along with an open terrace and porch area.

While it’s pretty tough to tear yourself away from all that, Cascada offers a number of nature-based experiences for guests to enjoy, like guided hikes of Patagonia’s infamous W Trek, wildlife safaris, and photography tours.

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Packages start at $2598 (USD$2021) per person. EcoCamp Patagonia can assist with domestic transport from Santiago, so be sure to enquire at the time of booking.

(Lead image: Cascada Expediciones / Facebook)