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Drop Everything: There’s A Cookie Dough Cafe Opening In London This Week

We need to go to Naked Dough immediately!

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We rightfully freaked out earlier in the year at the news of New York opening a dedicated cookie dough cafe. Now, we couldn’t be more pleased to tell you that London is getting one too.

Following the success of New York’s  cafe, two friends became determined to bring the concept to London. They set up Naked Dough, a pop-up cafe selling nothing but delicious, flavoured cookie dough.

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If you’re worried about the raw ingredients of cookie dough making you sick, never fear. Naked Dough, much like DŌ in New York, uses a safe egg substitute instead of raw eggs. They also use a heat-treated flour so there won’t be any sore tummies after you eat it.

You can grab a bunch of different cookie dough flavours including ‘Hazel’s Nuts’ with Nutella and Kinder Bueno, or ‘Ed Sheeran’ with salted caramel and honeycomb. Yum!

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Raw cookie dough is the most classic comfort food. It makes us get all nostalgic about the Sunday afternoons we used to spend cooking with our parents, high school sleepovers and yes, chilly Saturday nights on the couch.

The pop-up opens up this week on June 6 at the Old Street London Underground for three weeks. Check out more info here.

(Lead image: Naked Dough/Facebook)