Vegan Foodies In Melbourne Just Scored A Spicy Menu From Dragon Hot Pot

There have been a lot of pretty incred winter warmer meals this year that have helped us get through the cold season. From fried chicken ramen to bottomless gnocchi and hot chocolate festivals, we’ve been spoiled for choice. And now there’s something for the vegans who want a meal that can warm their icy hands and hearts. Dragon Hot Pot in Melbourne has just dropped a vegan broth, and it looks deeeelicious.

At Dragon Hot Pot, you grab a giant pot and proceed to fill it with whatever combination of vegetables, noodles, meat, seafood and tofu you so desire. Then you hand it over to be cooked in one of five broths, including Sichuan Hot and Sour, Pickled Mustard, Collagen Bone Broth and Ma La Spicy Stir-fry.

And now, please welcome the new contender: the Vegan Hot Pot broth. The new broth simmers with mildly spicy Sichuan peppercorns, so it warms you inside and out.

Dragon Hot Pot In Melbourne Gone And Has Launched A Vegan Broth

Just look at this broth. That’s a spicy boy.

Dragon Hot Pot In Melbourne Gone And Has Launched A Vegan Broth

Vegans and vegetarians will have their choice of twelve types of tofu and soy products, nine different types of mushroom and a whopping 36 vegetables. Those veggies include, but aren’t limited to: lotus root, Chinese lettuce and cabbage, pumpkin, fried taro, broccoli, chrysanthemum lettuce (has any vegetable had a cooler name? No).

And for everyone else, there’s a v casual 80 different kinds of meat and seafood ingredients to choose from. We’re talking beef shank, free range lamb, Wagyu beef and frog leg if you feel like jumping into a new mouth-feel adventure, plus prawns, scallops, crab and even fish balls.

The Vegan Hot Pot is already available at Dragon Hot Pot’s store inside QV Melbourne in the CBD, and will hit the six other Melbourne stores by mid August. There’s also one venue in Sydney and another in Perth, but no word yet on whether they’re getting the vegan menu.

(Images: Dragon Hot Pot / supplied)