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Get The Scoop: Black Ice Cream Has Arrived In Brisbane

All shook up.

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Yet again, Aussies have taken to modifying perfectly good foods – this time, though, it’s ice cream, and if it means more ice cream, we have zero complaints.

Yep, black soft serve has landed in Brisbane.

The Queensland creation is made from black activated charcoal and coconut soft serve and has been dubbed the “Black Elvis”.

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Although it seems a bit out-of-whack at first glance, the charcoal doesn’t compromise the rich coconutty goodness – and it’s topped with dual Oreo deliciousness.

If you’d like to get your hands on the wickedly wonderful sweet, you can find it at Double Good, famous for mouth-watering creations like watermelon soft serve slice and state fair funnel cake.

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A post shared by Double Good (@itsdoublegood) on

You’ll find Double Good at Eat Street Northshore, on Macarthur Avenue in Hamilton.

(Lead Image: Double Good / Facebook)