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Sydney Just Got A New Japanese Donburi And Dessert Bar

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It’s no secret that Japan does quirky food better than anyone, and lately we plebs in Aus have been graced with a whole heap of incredible Japanese desserts. And Sydney’s just scored another in the form of DOPA Don and Milk Bar.

It’s a Japanese twist on the classic Aussie milk bar. Traditional donburi rice bowls meet loaded shakes and desserts that are so sweet, wild and whacky that they belong in a) a quirky cooking show about overachieving desserts and b) my belly.

The menu here is led by a whopping line-up of 20 donburi rice bowls. They range from classics like teriyaki chicken and katsu pork, to inventions like the cheeseburger wagyu donburi.

“The donburi is one of Japan’s most-loved dishes. It’s a one-bowl meal that is convenient and filling, working for both lunch and dinner,” says Derek Puah, DOPA Don and Milk Bar owner.

DOPA Don and Milk Bar Is A Japanese Take On The Aussie Milk Bar

But those quick and easy meals are joined by a sweets range that’ll send anyone into a sugar high. DOPA Don and Milk Bar reimagines the old-school miruku bar and serves up modern takes on traditional Japanese desserts.

The loaded shakes come in flavours like matcha, jersey milk and cookie crumbs; truffle boba with royal milk tea, Okinawa sugar, boba and whipped cream cheese; or the mocha with iced chocolate, mascarpone and tiramisu gelato.

You can also get your hands (sticky from all the sugar) on parfaits, puddings, gelato, brick toast, shaved ice desserts, cheesecake and giant matcha cookies.

DOPA Don and Milk Bar is now open on Darling Square’s Little Hay Street. See you there!

(Images: DOPA Don and Milk Bar / supplied)