This Very Good Map Shows The Country That Every Major Dog Breed Comes From

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Everyone knows that Shiba Inus come from Japan, German Shepherds come from Germany and Dingos come from Australia. But what about the Samoyed, the Dalmatian, the Greyhound and the Labrador? Now there’s a gorgeously illustrated map that shows the country of origin of hundreds of very good dog breeds.

Created by artist Lili Chin, the map features a whole heap of adorable drawings of dogs sitting in the country the breed originated from. Because there are (thankfully) a lot of dogs in the world, and they’ve all gotta come from somewhere.

Dog Breed Map: The Country Every Major Breed Of Dog Comes From

Aside from being cute as hell, the map also reveals a few wildcards — did you know that the Australian Shepherd is actually from the United States?

There are a few theories about why this American doggo is named after our country, from herding sheep that were imported from Australia to being related to one of our native dog breeds, but whatever the reason, Lili’s map has the Aussie Shepherd smack bang in the US of A.

The map shows that the majority of popular dog breeds came from England. Everything from the Beagle to the Sheepdog and the Airedale has roots here — but Queen Elizabeth’s favourite breed, the Corgi, actually comes from Wales along with the Welsh Sheepdog and Terrier.

You can see on the Dogs of the World map that the Pharaoh Hound comes from Malta, the Collie hails from Scotland, the Dachshund is from Germany and the fluffy cloud that is the Great Pyrenees comes from France. That should be all the holiday inspo you need for 2020.

Check out a full-sized version of the Dogs of the World map here. Want more maps of cute animals? Check out this map of every country’s national animal and its conservation status, and the US states where it’s legal to own a kangaroo.

(Lead image: Lili Chin / Doggie Drawings)