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Someone Clearly Wished Upon A Star Because Sydney Is Getting A Disney-Inspired Degustation

If ever I wish upon a star, it’s generally for more Disney content to enter the world. Apparently dreams do sometimes come true, because Sydney’s nel. Restaurant is bringing us all a brand-new Disney inspired ‘Once Upon a Time’ degustation menu.

nel. Chef, Nelly Robinson, has re-imagined his world-famous Disney-inspired menu in celebration of the hospitality industry returning to normal (almost) after COVID hit it pretty hard.

“After the raging success of last year’s Once Upon a Time menu we couldn’t wait to do it all again,” said Robinson in a statement. “It was so much fun to create a whole new menu around some of my favourite films and we have carefully crafted dishes that will make diners feel like a child again”.

Honestly, this menu sounds magical to me. The whole eleven-dish affair starts with savoury ‘Eat Me’ Cookies and ends with ‘Imagination’ Custard Tarts, sprinkled with Fairy Dust so you can fly home, obviously.

Last year, Robinson’s ‘Bambi’s Mum’ dish made headlines around the world. This time around you can expect dishes like ‘Bambi and Thumper’ — a venison carpaccio served with rabbit terrine, mushroom, sorrel and forest leaves — that looks like a cartoon forest.

Or ‘Melted Snowman’ — black garlic bread with a carrot nose, black iced eyes, yogurt and edible snow. I’d feel a little bad about eating Olaf, but also sign me up. I mean, look at the photo of it below. I simply need to know how that’s bread.

Then you have others like ‘You Shall Go To The Ball’, ‘Just Keep Swimming’ and ‘Roses Are Red, Beasts Are Blue’. It’s basically the best way you can relive your childhood while still claiming to be an adult.

The menu hits nel. from from August until November 7, and it sold out in under three weeks when it debuted last year, so you’d better get on it.

It’ll cost you $135 per person, with either another $105 to pair dishes with wine or cocktails, or $50 for non-alcoholic pairings. You can book via their website, here.

(All Images: Provided / nel.)