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Celebrate Easter With These Delicious Boozy Chocolate Egg Cocktails

What’s better than Easter chocolate? Easter chocolate in cocktail form, of course! Praise the dessert gods because the Coogee Bay Hotel has whipped up three boozy chocolate cocktails just in time for the Easter long weekend.

The Coogee Bay Hotel is a haven for dessert lovers during this most chocolate-laden holiday. They’ve created three mouth-watering Easter cocktails that are guaranteed to be delicious and put you in a chocolate coma. No regrets.

What’s in these boozy bad boys? The Chocolate Espresso is salted caramel vodka, Mr Black cold brew coffee liquor, chocolate liqueur and chocolate sauce, sugar syrup and chilled espresso.

The Chocolate Espresso chocolate cocktail from Sydney's Coogee Bay Hotel

Obviously this ain’t no basic drink. A salted caramel chocolate espresso? Yes, please! At the very least this drink is Basic Plus. But it’s obviously the starter option – prep yourselves for what’s to come.

The totes appropes-named Easter Egg cocktail is vanilla vodka, chocolate liqueur and sauce, Chambord, sugar syrup, cream and milk. It sounds like a boozy chocolate milkshake and we are HERE FOR IT.

The Easter Egg chocolate cocktail from Sydney's Coogee Bay Hotel

But hold up – the Easter Egg cocktail is served in an actual Easter egg. So you can have your cocktail and eat it too.

But to be honest, we’ve got our sights set firmly on the Indulgent Bunny. Sip on vanilla vodka, white chocolate liqueur, honey, milk and cream, served in a cute chocolate Easter bunny. Droool.

The Indulgent Bunny chocolate cocktail from Sydney's Coogee Bay Hotel

The cocktails are available at the Coogee Bay Hotel from April 18 to 22. So if you’re looking for a place to buy booze over the Easter long weekend, perhaps you should skip the bottle shop and head here instead for some out-of-this-world cocktails.

(Images: Supplied)