Britain Took To The Streets To Applaud Healthcare Workers And I’m Not Crying, You Are

I think we can all agree it’s been a hard slog for healthcare workers. Not only are they working around the clock to help those infected with COVID-19, they’re risking their own health to do so. This is why the Brits have come together to Clap For Our Carers, and frankly, why we should all do the same.

Last night, thousands of British people — from regular folk to celebrities and sports stars to the Royal family themselves — joined in the Clap For Our Carers event.

There was no half-arsing it either, just listen to how loud the claps and cheers were across London:

As you can imagine, Boris Johnson himself got involved from his PM digs:

As did the folks over at James Bond, because game clearly recognises game:

Please excuse my ovaries while I watch the rather cute royal babes get in on the action:

But also, Windsor Castle did a fine job of making a raquet. Who knew they were capable?:

Ok honestly, you could spend a whole day watching the videos. This is the good will the world needs right now.

The organiser of the campaign told The Telegraph they were inspired because “during these unprecedented times they (National Health Service staff) need to know we are grateful”.

The event follows similar displays of thanks for healthcare workers around the world, including France, Italy and Spain.

(Leade Image: Twitter / @NatashaC)