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This Italian Restaurant Is Serving Up DIY Cocktail And Pizza Kits So Take My Money

Just because the days of eating out and having a drink or two in a bar afterwards are on long service leave right now, it doesn’t mean we should be deprived of the basic right to a delish cocktail. Or a hearty pizza, for that matter.

Adelaide‘s hip Italian restaurant, Chicco Palms, is making your new take home options particularly adorable.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never made a drink fancier than a gin and tonic. To be honest, I mostly just pour the wine or beer out of the bottle — if that. So if someone wants to make me feel way more sophisticated than I am while also making it so easy a baby could do it (but shouldn’t), I’m in.

They’ll be serving up everything you need for a variety of their fave cocktails. On the menu they have an Espresso martini complete with vanilla gelato, Redberry freeze – which involves vodka, shiraz, lime and strawberry, Aperol citrus, Pina colada and even a Pink lady mocktail for those of us showing restraint.

Need something just as delish to line your stomach? Yes, you do. And you will have it with these super cute DIY pizza kits. We’re talking actually balls of dough and all the toppings. The kits basically make you a connoisseur.

You can check them out right over here. This is basically your isolation happy hour and boredom buster sorted in one.

(Led Image: Instagram / @chiccopalms)