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People Are Replacing Gingerbread Houses With Charcuterie Chalets This Christmas

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It was literally only four weeks ago that I finally nailed the presentation of a good old cheese board (no really, I got compliments at the party, I swear), so it’s a little disappointing to me that the bar has already been raised, thanks to everyone’s Christmas cheer.

Yes, I’m talking about the Charcuterie Chalet trend, where people turn their charcuterie boards into decorative gingerbread-type houses. Honestly, I’ll never keep up.

As weird as it sounds, the end results that have been posted all over social media are actually pretty impressive. Creative, one could say. I mean, look at this guy with little snowmen made of (what I assume to be) mozzarella balls:

Or this one, using breadsticks as logs for the cabin:


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The first image in this round up though, is what truly takes the cake for me. What have they even used to make that snow?

I guess these all count as a healthier option to the Gingerbread house? Look, call me a traditionalist, but I prefer my lollies in bowls anyway.


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Look, overall I’m impressed, and a little uneasy — so maybe it’s adrenaline eating? I mean, how do you even get to all the different flavours? And are the crackers set on the table separately or do you have to tackle those out of the food mound too?

Still, this trend will never be as cursed as this great, yet terrifying Halloween-themed board that gets an A+, but also a yeet out the door from me:


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(Lead Image: Instagram / @mrs.rbennett)