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Is This Proof That Central Perk Cafés Are About To Become A Reality?

In the 14 years since Friends wrapped, diehard fans have held onto the dream at a handful of Central Perk-themed cafés across the globe. Sadly, the unsanctioned venues have been swiftly shut down by Warner Brothers, which owns the rights to the show.

But, if recent developments are to be believed, genuine Central Perk cafés could be about to become a reality.

You see, the entertainment company has recently trademarked the iconic Central Perk logo in the USA government’s “coffee shop and café services; coffee bars; tea bars; snack bars” category, alluding, we assume, to bricks-and-mortar Central Perk stores.

In addition to that, Warner Brothers also reportedly applied to trademark the name in a number of other categories, including toys, board games and even slot machines.

Of course, nothing’s set in stone yet and the company is keeping mum about the details, but we can hope, right?!

Just bear in mind that the big couch in the middle is reserved for a party of six.

H/T: Blast

(Lead image: NBC)

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