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Cats On A Train: Japan’s Cat Café On Wheels Just Made Its Maiden Journey

Meow boarding.

We have a lot to thank Japan for: anime, sushi, affordable cashmere. But, more than anything, we owe them for coming up with the cat café concept.

Cat cafés have been popular in Japan for more than a decade now, but now, some cat lovers have taken the next logical step and added wheels.

Over the weekend, the country’s first train-borne cat café made its maiden voyage between Ogaki and Ikeno in central Japan’s Gifu Prefecture, where lucky travellers were kept company by 30 rescue kitties while they enjoyed lunch.

Cat Cafe Train Japan

The unique stunt was supported by Yoro Railway Co Ltd in partnership with non-government animal welfare organisation Kitten Café Sanctuary in a bid to raise awareness of the culling of stray cats, with all those on board the kitty express available for adoption.

Cat Cafe Train Japan

The Cat Café Train’s first run included a bento box, sweets, and all-day travel for just $35 (¥3000), and sold out in less than a day. There’s no word yet on if it’ll make another appearance, but given the success of the first event, we can’t help but hope it’ll be back. Watch this space.

(All images courtesy of Bill Adler).

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