Cards Against Humanity Has Gone Online So You Can Still Be The Worst In Isolation

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By now, I’m sure we’re all joining in the mild mass delirium of being told to stay inside, to one extent or another. People are Tik Tok dancing like no-one is watching, they’re joining in group sing-alongs and they’re even pretending to actually do work from their homes.

Well you can stop with the rest of it, because everyone’s favourite and most revealing card game is now online for free. Yep, we’re talking Cards Against Humanity.

The kind creators have recognised that isolation boredom is very real, and have decided to help by letting you access the card game online, over at

The online version looks a little something like this:

Start a new Cards Againt Humanity online game, then send the unique link with your group chat. Up to six people can play at a time and all the same rules apply. Just in case you missed it (and I’m honestly worried for you if you did) that mean one person reads a question, everybody picks the most awful answer in their cards, and the question reader chooses the best/ worst.

I highly recommend adding a little grog to the mix, that’s when the really good answers start coming out, and you all get to judge each other harshly. Then bam, all your party nights in iso are sorted.

I warn you though, do not play this game with a room full of your bestie’s stuffy lawyer friends — I promise you they will not understand that you’re just playing the game and are not actually pure evil.

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