All My Daydreams Now Revolve Around This Stupidly Epic Pool At A New Hotel In Vietnam

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The Trans-Tasman Travel Bubble has given my little traveller soul hope in a way it hasn’t experienced for a year. I’ve started day-dreaming and planning international trips again, but ever since I saw the pool at the new Capella Hanoi hotel, it’s what all my dreams revolve around.

When I was living in Hanoi (teaching English, as all Aussie travellers are want to do at some point in their lives), the most luxurious thing I experienced was the one restaurant I could find that catered to vegetarians. If Capella Hanoi had existed, I’d have been there on my one day off a week, purely to use this amazing pool that looks like it’s from the set of the live-action Aladdin (yes I’m fully aware that’s the wrong country, but my brain sees what my brain sees.

Image: provided by Capella Hanoi

Nestled in the French-influenced Old Quarter near Hoan Kiem Lake (incidentally, also where the vego restaurant was), Capella Hanoi was designed by the same architect behind 2020s “No.1 Hotel in the World”, Capella Bali.

There are 47 themed rooms and suites ranging from a generous 35 sqm to and frankly huge 194 sqm — which yes was larger than my Hanoi house.

They’ve also got a restaurant that features vegan dishes and northern Vietnamese-inspired specialties, a bohemian cocktail bar and expert-led classes in very Vietnamese pastimes, like  bamboo paper fan making, Vietnamese coffee cupping, sampling Vietnamese rum.


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All of this sounds truly amazing, but can we just turn our attention back to the pool, please. It’s part of their luxe onsite spa which also has saunas, steam baths and a fitness centre.

They call their pool La Grotta, and they designed it to look like “a haven for opera singers to rest their voices”. I still think it’s more like the place Princess Jasmine obsesses over Aladdin after a magic carpet ride, but each to their own.

Vietnam is one of the world’s most dynamic destinations, where the spirit and energy are reminiscent of the roaring 1920s, when anything seemed possible,” said Christoph Strahm, general manager, Capella Hanoi in a statement.

“At Capella, we strive to create guest experiences that go beyond bespoke hospitality and let travellers touch the heart and soul of their destination, through cultural exposures, epicurean adventures and original art”.


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As always, you’ll be paying for the luxury. Rates start from just under AUD$400 a night, but mates, you still have plenty of time to start saving.

(Lead image: provided by Capella Hanoi)