You Can Live Stream Your Dive With These Snapchat Scuba Goggles

Anything to maintain that stream.

Late last year, Snapchat released Spectacles, retro-look classes with in-built micro cameras so you can share endless snaps of your everyday life. Now, Royal Caribbean have taken those Spectacles, put them into scuba goggles and called them SeaSeekers so you can snap all your mates while you’re still underwater.

They’re a handy addition to our travel kits, especially for those concerned about maintaining fire streams.

Royal Caribbean have been recruiting big name divers like Ashleigh Baird and Roberto Ochoa to demonstrate some of the cool stuff you can capture with SeaSeekers.

Here’s Gaby Nava giving a quick tutorial on reef restoration in Mexico:

There’s no word yet on when these bad boys will be on sale, but you better believe we’ll head somewhere tropical when we get our hands on them. We have to tick off some of the most incredible diving spots in the world, after all.

(Lead image: royalcaribbean / Instagram)

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