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New Cadbury Twirl Breakaway Bars Quietly Debuted This Month, So Obviously I Had To Try It

I’m fully aware this makes me boring as hell, but one of my favourite chocolates it’s absolutely the Twirl. Not as heavy as a regular block of chocolate, delightfully melty in your mouth, but still incased by a layer of choccie, making it far superior to the Flake.


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Well, Cadbury have snuck into the new year with a brand new Twirl bar, featuring the likes of Breakaway wafers. ExCUSE me, but where was my notification?

It’s basically your fave Twirl experience (come one, it’s not just me), with the crispy Breakaway wafers from that limited edition Breakaway choccie block that Cadbury rudely took away from us.

As I am a very serious journalist who does very important journalistic research for her articles, I have trialled this Twirl Breakaway bar for you (I’m literally chomping on it right now) and I can confirm it’s a good bloody time. The best way I can describe it is as a better form of KitKat (sorry KitKat). A Twirl with a crunch, and the wafer breaks up the chocolatey richness so I feel like I could eat more of before making myself sick.


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The choccies are out now for a recommended retail price of $2 for a medium bar, and $3.20 for the king size. Although I had a quick squiz and can confirm Woolies that at the time of writing, Woolies is selling it for $1 — go, go, go!

You may also have noticed my personal weakness for all things Caramilk related, so I really though we’d peaked when Twirl Caramilk was launched last year.

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