Donate To This Zoo And They’ll Name A Cockroach After Your Valentine

Stuck for a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift for that special someone? Don’t be cliché – steer clear of the chocolates and roses. Give them a gift that will last by donating to Bronx Zoo and naming a cockroach after them. Here’s why it’s romantic.

By this point you’ve no doubt heard of the zoos that will name a cockroach or venomous snake after your ex, but we at AWOL think that’s too good a legacy to give to someone who screwed you over. Bronx Zoo in New York agrees, and will instead let you name a Madagascan hissing cockroach after your current sweetheart.

The insects have been known to live up to five years in captivity, and we’ve done the maths. That’s a 25,000 per cent longer lifespan than a bunch of red roses, and 26,000 percent longer than a box of chocolates.


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It costs $15 to name a Madagascan hissing cockroach after your love, and you also get a digital certificate to commemorate the occasion. The money goes toward the Wildlife Conservation Society, so your gift carries the added bonus of helping animals in need. That’s a pretty great gift by itself!

The zoo is also offering a range of themed gifts like beanies and mugs emblazoned with a cute lil’ roach, if you want to really treat your special someone.

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(Lead image: Liz West / Flickr)