You Can Now Follow A Beyoncé And Jay Z Tour Through The Louvre

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You better believe that the music video for Beyoncé and Jay Z’s newest single “Apeshit” is already iconic – a piece of art in itself. Of course the music is the main attraction, but the video, released at the same time as their new joint album Everything Is Love, was also shot among the masterworks in the Louvre in Paris. Yah, the actual Louvre. Talk about livin’ lavish. It was cause enough for the Louvre to launch a Beyonce and Jay Z tour.

Beyonce and Jay Z tour Louvre

Bey dances in front of The Coronation of Napoleon, stop 9 on the Beyoncé and Jay Z tour.

Apart from enjoying the image of The Carters having the run of the most-visited museum in the world – very few people would have seen the Mona Lisa room empty like that – the video includes as background or references a whole heap of artworks from the museum. And now you can check them all out on the tour.

The self-guided Beyoncé and Jay Z tour, available free on the Louvre’s website, stops at 17 locations around the gallery. The most famous artworks included are the Mona Lisa, the Winged Victory of Samothrace, the Great Sphinx of Tanis and the Venus de Milo. But there are plenty more to see.

Jay Z at The Louvre Pyramid. Beyonce and Jay Z tour Louvre

Jay Z at The Louvre Pyramid.

Have you ever seen a crowd of museum-goers going apeshit? Now you can. And you can join them, just make sure to listen to Everything Is Love while exploring the hallowed spaces of the museum. See the music video below for more inspiration.

(All images: The Carters, APESHIT / YouTube)