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The Best Food, Activities And Travel To Spend Your NSW Dine & Discover Vouchers On

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Get excited New South Welshman, the Government Drink & Discover vouchers are upon (some of) us.

As a recap, that means residents over 18 will (or already have) receive two $25 Dine vouchers, ad two $25 Discover vouchers to spend at participating venues around the state.

Upon first glance, it seems that literally every business has signed up — which makes sense. We love options but is anyone else stressing about getting the best from their vouchers, or just me?

Remember that it’s not just food joints either, it’s also museums, galleries, cinemas, zoos, recreational activities, amusement parks, travel agencies and tours, and more. A lot more.

So I’ve helped soothe my anxiety by creating a list of my top picks to spend your Government dosh on. And don’t worry if your address isn’t accepted yet, I’m waiting too, it just gives us more time to plan.

Places to eat

Are these just a few of my favourite venues around Sydney/ venues I’m super keen to try? Yes. They’re good though, so you’ll thank me for them later.


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Things To Do

As for the Discover vouchers, there is actually too much choice. My brain, she cannot deal. Yet she still managed to narrow it down to a few favourites.


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Out Of Town

The further out of Sydney you go, the less options seem to be available, but I’ve discovered three very important inclusions absolutely worth taking a weekend away for.

  • Western Plains Zoo Encounters, Dubbo – you’ll have to cover entry yourself but get up close and personal with the animal encounters.
  • Mount Seaview Resort – this hotel in picturesque country settings just went to the top of my to-travel list.
  • Flipout, Wollongong – it’s a beautiful drive from Sydney, and you can spend all day bouncing on trampolines once you get there.

You can find the full list of participating venues in your area, ad more details o how the vouchers work, on the official website (here).

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