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This Bar In Melbourne Has A Fine-As-Hell $100 Hummus. Shut Up And Take My Money

The most important day of the year is almost upon us: friends, it’s International Hummus Day on May 13. Something this prestigious, this precious and delicious must be celebrated, and Bar Saracen is pulling out all the stops for the big day with some of the best hummus in Melbourne.

They’ve whipped up an over-the-top chickpea creation that’s going for $100.

I’m not here to tell you that you should go and buy this, I’m just an impartial judge laying down the hummus facts. And the facts don’t lie: this is a 100 dollarydoo hummus.

If a $7 kilo of hummus from Coles is the best snack in the world, which it is, then this $100 hummus must cut through space and time.

Bar Saracen's $100 hummus may be the best hummus in Melbourne

Image: Bar Saracen / Facebook

The price tag comes from all the luxe ingredients piled onto your fave dip. It’s blended through with truffles and comes topped with minced marron (a fancy crayfish) that’s been cooked in saffron butter (a fancy butter). Caviar sits on the top like the little crown this dish deserves and it’s served with made-to-order Egyptian pita bread.

Watch it all come together and get the napkins ready, because this will make you drool.


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The $100 hummus will be available from Bar Saracen between May 14 and 18. If you put aside $10 a day you’ll have plenty saved just in time. Or rope your BFF into it, because nothing screams “platonic life partner” more than sharing a luxe-as-hell fine dining dish.

(Lead image: Melbourne Food and Wine Fest / Instagram)