A New 160Km Trail Through Grampians National Park Is Set To Open In Late 2020

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If there’s anything better to pump you up for adventure, it’s being in lockdown. Heck, it’s even just not being allowed to explore a different state.

Personally, I have a list as long as I am (and I’m very tall, for reference) of places around Australia that I’m desperate to check out just the very second I’m allowed to. Now I’ll be adding the new 160 kilometre trail through the Grampians in Victoria to it.


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Aptly named ‘Grampians Peaks Trail’, this mammojammer of a multi-day bush walk has been under construction since 2015, with plans for it to finally open later this year.

It stretches through the rocky peaks, forest-covered gullies and gorges, rushing waterfalls and running lakes of Grampians National Park, about a three-hours drive from Melbourne.

There’ll be 12 different campsites along the trail so you’ll have plenty of choice when it comes to when and where to stop. You can always do just a section of the trail, of course, but once the full 160km is open, the Park suggests it’ll take 13 days and 12 nights to get from one end to the other.


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If you can’t wait that long (and you’re able to travel there), part of the trail is currently open, with the Park recommending a three day and two night itinerary from Hall’s Gap.

This part of the the trail takes you passed natural highlights like the Venus Baths, the famous Pinnacle Lookout, the Mt William Ranges and more. You can find a detailed trail itinerary from the park here.


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(Lead Image: Visit Victoria / Matt Donovan)