This Beach Inside A Cave Is Proof That Nature Is The Absolute Best


No, your eyes are not deceiving you – the idyllic cave beach location you see before you is real, and you can absolutely go there.

Found on a corner of a beach in the small town of Benagil, this sea cave is in the Algarve region of southern Portugal. This natural structure consists of rocky walls, silky sand and gushing water, and depending on the time of day, the warm sun will glow through the cavity in the sky, illuminating a small patch of sand on this hidden beach.


From above, the cavity looks like a precarious hole in the ground, cordoned off by a small fence for safety. Completely open to the public, access to the beach is only via the ocean. Visitors can get there on a boat tour, or if you’re game, opt for the 50-metre swim around the beach towards the cave’s opening.

The walls block any wind from the coast and, as a result, lock out any heat pounding down from the summer sun above. Aim to visit at low tide, when the water is ebbed enough that you can find a shady patch of sand to relax on.

Nice one, Mother Nature.