Azuki The Insta-Famous Japanese Hedgehog Has His Own Line Of Stamps And Postcards

In case you’ve been living under a rock – or just aren’t as in tune with animal Instagram celebs as we are – Azuki the hedgehog is a very handsome and spiky boy from Japan.

You might remember him from that time he went on the smallest and most adorable camping trip of all time, the time he became a meme by nibbling cheese off of the tiniest pink spoon, or the time he was the purest being on earth (always).

The latest in Azuki’s quest for world domination sees the pint-sized celebrity release his own line of stamps and postcards, in a partnership with Japan Post.

It’s Azuki’s world, we’re just living in it.

The news broke on Instagram over the weekend, with what is maybe the cutest and wholesome photoshoot of all time. See Azuki kitted out in his best Postman getup looking cute as heck.

Four different postcards and five different stamps will be available for purchase on the Japan Post website from Wednesday, June 20. Keep posted to Azuki’s Instagram feed, because the sales page is set to be uploaded there on Wednesday.

A good excuse as any to start sending letters again, we reckon.

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(Lead image: @hedgehog_azuki / Instagram)