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Aziz Ansari’s Italian Food Adventure Makes Us So Damn Happy

Truly "the life".

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Spoiler alert: Master of None

Food is pretty fantastic, hey? But for American comedian Aziz Ansari, food is something else altogether – it’s his inspiration, his essence, his lifeblood. If you’ve seen Aziz’s excellent Netflix series Master of None, you’ll know his character Dev is more than a little obsessed with food, and his love of pasta (and a kind of unexpected break up) sees him ship off to Italy at the end of season one. But it wasn’t just Dev who uprooted his life to go and carb-load in Europe – Aziz actually did it IRL.

The comedian is currently carving out a life in Italy for a while – assumedly shooting the new season of Master of None – allowing Aziz to indulge in the many gastronomical delicacies that this country has to offer. Accompanied by his “big bud” Eric Wareheim (from Master of None and Tim & Eric), the duo spent the past seven weeks eating their way across Italy’s glorious boot, posting the results to Instagram for us to salivate over.


A photo posted by @azizansari on

First stop, pizza. Obvs.

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Oof… been there buddy.

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Aziz also visited Modena, in Italy’s north, and dove into this maccheroni al pettine al sugo d’anatra (a.k.a. macaroni with duck ragu).

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Then we saw a molto buono tagliatelle with zucchini and ricotta.

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Oh and don’t forget the breakfast plates…

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They’re living the life, that’s for sure.

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You can follow more food adventures on Aziz’s Instagram (and on the upcoming season of Master of None, woo!).

Also please enjoy, apropos of nothing, a music video Aziz and Eric made of Kanye West’s ‘Famous’, which sees the duo parading around famous Italian landmarks and indulging in a stupid amount of good-looking food.

So great.

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