Australia’s Surfing Obsession Also Extends To Its Rock Formations

Gnarley, dude.

There’s probably never been an occasion in your life when you thought to label a rock formation “gnarley” or “rad” or “sweet as”. Until now. Located in Hyden Wildlife Park, south-east of Perth, this wave rock formation looks remarkably like a breaking ocean swell.


(Photo: Enjo Smith/Flickr)

Attracting over 140,000 tourists a year, the wave rock was formed over millions of years, and they’ve traced it all the way back to when Australia separated from Antarctica. The domes are created by granite bedrock being shifted and subsequently sinking following some periodic erosion.


(Photo: Sascha Grant/Flickr)

The wave rock is about 14 metres tall and stretches 110 metres across the park. Though many may have tried, it’s actually impossible to surf down the wave rock due to the steep angle of its drop, so don’t even try it cool guy.

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