Fake A Beach Day With These 1000-Piece Puzzles Of Stunning Australian Beaches

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Sure, we may not be able to go outside or have a beach day any time soon, but now we can at least pretend with the new Australia Unseen jigsaw puzzles.

Featuring gorgeous photography of places like Bondi, Clovelly, Coogee and Bronte beaches, the jigsaw puzzles are the work of filmmaker and art director Vincent Rommelaere.


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Rommelaere photographs Aussie beaches and rockpools and usually sells his work as framed prints on the Australia Unseen website. But in light of the new social distancing restrictions, he’s pivoted to puzzles, turning his beautiful art into one-of-a-kind entertainment.

There are five Australia Unseen puzzles available now.

At the moment, five of Australia Unseen’s most popular artworks are available as 500 or 1000-piece puzzles. Choose from aerial views of Bondi Beach, Clovelly Beach, or Coogee Beach, the Bronte pools or Bondi’s famous Icebergs.

The puzzles start at $49 for 500-pieces, or $59 for 1000-pieces, with an extra $10 for delivery within Australia. They’re a brand-new addition to the store, so delivery is estimated to take two to three weeks.


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Hey, if that’s how long it takes for one of the most drop-dead gorgeous puzzles I’ve ever seen to arrive at my door, I’ll happily wait.

International shipping is also available, but might take a bit longer. But at least now our overseas friends can finally experience a proper Aussie beach.

Give your self-isolation a glow up by checking out the full range of Australia Unseen jigsaw puzzles.

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(Lead image: Australia Unseen / Facebook)