Aussies Are Bigger Divas Than Mariah Carey When It Comes To Travelling

What do the likes of Mariah, Madonna and Cher have in common with the humble Australian traveller? We’re all a bunch mega divas, so it turns out.

Data released today from Hostelworld reveals that Aussies abroad have a high-maintenance holiday style and list of demands when it comes to travel, with some less reasonable than others.

The findings show that more than a third of Aussies can name a mate known as ‘the diva’ of the group, over half refuse to go on holidays without packing a big pair of sunnies, and a quarter would refuse to stay in an accommodation if they saw evidence of a dirty glass. Well over two thirds demand a private bathroom, and more than half would straight up leave if given a different room than originally promised.

We’ve even put arguably the biggest diva of all time, Mariah Carey, to shame. She has no qualms at all spending the night in a hostel, so it seems.

Yep, Carey swapped her luxury $45,000-a-month mansion for a room in the Casa Gracia, a $55-per-night stay in Barcelona, Spain. To mine and everyone’s surprise, the hostel was fabulous! It was super clean, modern and spacious,” says Carey. “I say give hostels a go, it could be a great choice for all you world travellers out there!”

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So next time you’re on the hunt for some overseas accomodation, leave your OTT expectations at the door and consider a hostel — sometimes the best stays are in the most unexpected places.

For a full list of hostels fit for divas, visit Hostel World’s blog post, then check out Qantas flights and begin your next adventure.

(Lead Image: MariahCarey/ Twitter)