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This Auckland Cafe Serves Up Coffee In Chocolate Chip Pastry Pies

Your move, Melbourne.

Serving coffee in vessels other than cups might be fine, were the vessels edible afterwards – like chocolate. Or pastry. Or pie. Or doughnuts. So while Australia might not be setting the right trends, our New Zealand neighbours have gone ahead and done it right, serving coffee in chocolate chip pastry pies. You can thank the Auckland cafe The Tasteful Bakehouse.

We may as well just declare New Zealand to be the winner of the trans-Tasman coffee war right now.

piefee 2

The Tasteful Bakehouse has lovingly dubbed their creations “Piefees”. It consists of chocolate chip pie pastry, coated in chocolate and served up with a frothy cappuccino inside. Once you drink the coffee, you get yourself a little treat right afterwards. It even comes with a little chocolate chip saucer. Genius!

tasteful bakehouse piefee auckland

The coffee-pie/Piefee cases at The Tasteful Bakehouse.

Owner of The Tasteful Bakehouse, Chamnan Ly, told Lonely Planet that his customers love to take photos of the Piefee before they drink it. Most importantly, he added, “The customers say they are delicious and they go very well with the coffee.”

It’s official: New Zealand has officially nailed the whole, coffee-served-in-food trend.

Your move, Melbourne.

(All images: The Tasteful Bakehouse / Facebook)