Are These The Best Hot Springs Ever?

Warm water, lush forest, amazing architecture and a beautiful waterfall.

Termas Geometricas, nestled in the greenery of Chile’s Villarrica National Park, elevates your standard hot spring facilities into something downright sublime.

Here, pure, piping-hot water from nearby thermal springs is fed along a valley-bed creek into a series of 17 slate-paved baths.


(Photo: Ironic/Flickr)

The natural beauty of the creek and lush forest on either side is strikingly offset by bright red, angular wooden walkways that jut along and across the creek, connecting the baths.


Next to each pool is a small hut made out of the same red-painted wood, with fluffy grass planted on the roof, where guests are welcome to change clothes, have a snack, or relax in front of a cozy wood fire.

PicMonkey Collage

(Photos: Left – Claudia Mu/Flickr, Right – Andres Briones/Flickr)

What a perfect balance between the organic and geometric.

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