This Aquarium Is Hilariously Shaming Its ‘Naughty Penguins’

The fact that Timmy’s a bit of thug doesn’t mean he’s not worthy of love.

Penguins, might look cute but, behind the cuddly exterior, they’re web-toed balls of pure evil. At least, that’s what the National Aquarium of New Zealand would have you believe.

According to its Facebook page, keepers publicly shame the aquarium’s worst-behaved penguins. This month, Timmy is in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons: he’s accused of stealing fish and pushing another penguin over (which is a delightfully hilarious image, even though it’s the wrong thing to do).

A later post explained that, while the keepers love Timmy, he features regularly on the naughty penguin list after a pretty rough start to life.

On the bright side, Betty has been named the aquarium’s best-behaved penguin for the month of June for being a good swimmer and waiting patiently for dinner to be delivered. Which is admirable, given she’s living with the Timmy.

The wholesome snap has set the internet alight, spawning a number of memes (#notallpenguins) and garnering upwards of 11,000 likes on Facebook after it first appeared on Reddit.

The National Aquarium of New Zealand is located in Napier on the country’s North Island, and cares for a number of penguins who’ve suffered serious injuries. And the fact that Timmy’s a bit of thug doesn’t mean he’s not worthy of love.

If you want to see Timmy getting into some mischief for yourself, the aquarium is open 9am to 5pm daily. Entry costs $21 for adults and $10.50 for children (kids under three years enter for free). To visit, or to read more about the aquarium’s Little Penguins, visit the website.

(Lead image: National Aquarium of New Zealand / Facebook)

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