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And Australia’s Most Expensive City To Eat Out In Is…

Probably not where you'd expect.

Think perennially exey Sydney is Australia’s most expensive city to grab a meal? Think again – new data has shown that Melbourne actually takes the (overpriced) cake.


(Photo: 8bit/Facebook)

The data, which was collated by payment and deals app Clipp, shows that a casual meal for two (including drinks) will set Melburnians back an average of $61, compared to Sydney whose average price was $51.60. The cheapest city? Golden child Adelaide at $50.50. The data was collected from around 650 merchants Australia-wide over January and February, and is based on the average total price for a glass of house wine, a schooner of Carlton Draught, a burger and a small pizza.

Cost of a night out in Australia’s capital cities:

#1 Melbourne: $61.00
#2 Perth: $57.50
#3 Brisbane: $55.50
#4 Sydney: $51.60
#5 Adelaide: $50.50

When you break it down a little, it gets a little more interesting. A schooner of Carlton Draught beer will set you back $6.60 in Sydney, $6.50 in Melbourne and Perth, $6 in Adelaide and $5.50 in Brisbane. But while their beer may be cheapest, a cost of a house wine in Brissie will set you back a whopping $9, compared to $8 in Melbourne, $7 in Sydney and Perth and $6.50 in Adelaide.

When it came to burgers, Melbourne (home of Australia’s favourite burger according to Yelp) had the most expensive, with an average burg’ setting you back $23.50, with the cheapest actually being in Sydney at $19.

Clipp also decided to rank each the most expensive and cheapest suburbs in each city. Check out the results below.


Most expensive suburb: Southbank, with an average price of $71
Cheapest suburb: Werribee, with an average price of $48


Most expensive suburb: Double Bay, $68.50
Cheapest suburb: St Marys, $46.25


Most expensive suburb: Brisbane, $63.50
Cheapest suburb: Strathpine, $44


Most expensive suburb: Subiaco, $69
Cheapest suburb: Rockingham, $51.20


Most expensive suburb: North Adelaide, $55.20
Cheapest suburb: Kilburn, $43.70

(Lead image: 8bit/Facebook)