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Aldi’s Doing A Huge Sale On Cast Iron Cookware & Everything’s Under $30

Calling all master chefs!

You’re either the person who’s spending lockdown trying to become a master chef, or you’re the one who’s spending far too much money on online sales. What if I told you that now you can do both, because a huge sale is happening on cast iron cookware thanks to Aldi Special Buys.

For the uninitiated, the Aldi Special Buys pages are a magical place where air fryers cost $39 and thermomixes only cost $299. It’s a haven of cheap cookware dupes, and we simply have no choice but to stan.

All cast iron cookware will be under $30 in the Aldi Special Buys sale on May 30.

Cast iron cookware, I’ve been told, is usually very expensive. A quick Google shows prices around the $200-$500 mark, which is entirely too much to spend on a cooking tool.

But during the Aldi cookware sale, you can get a cast iron French pan for $26.99.

Cast iron French pan, available in the Aldi Special Buys cookware sale.


A cast iron fry pan is going for only $17.99, and a 3.7L cast iron Dutch Oven is only $24.99.

Cast iron Dutch Oven, available in the Aldi Special Buys cookware sale.

There’s also a cast iron saucepan for $19.99 and a swish-looking griddle pan for $17.99.

Cast iron griddle pan, available in the Aldi Special Buys cookware sale.

Do I know what most of these are for? No. Do I have any use for them? Also no. But would I buy one for a friend / emergency gift / just to impress visitors with my fancy kitchen? Hell yes.

The sale includes a whole heap of other baking dishes, pans, and utensils but we only have eyes for the cast iron, well, everything. Better be quick though, because no Aldi sale lasts long. Stock is limited, and these deals will be snapped up quicker than you’ll be able to throw together a decadent meal with your new cast iron pot.

Keep an eye on the Aldi Special Buys site for more details about the cast iron cookware sale and to grab a bargain the second they go live.

(Lead image: Aldi)