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ICYMI: Aldi Is Selling A Cheap As Chippies Air Fryer Oven This Week

I’m terrified (based on some pretty solid historical evidence) that I’ll set my kitchen on fire any time I try to cook, so I missed the moment everyone became obsessed with air fryers. Why is everyone suddenly buying these little countertop cooking boxes? What even are air fryers? This is what I wonder as I look at the Aldi Special Buys air fryer sale and realise it’s finally time to buy in.

The Aldi Special Buys pages are a haven of cheap kitchen dupes, where cast iron cookware costs less than $30 and, apparently, a 23 litre air fryer oven with a pizza function costs less than $150.

I’ll give all you kitchen gods, goddesses and pizza lovers a moment to take that all in.

A 23 litre air fryer oven is up for grabs in the Aldi Special Buys sale on June 24.

You can make all sorts of stuff in this thing: chips, bread, cakes, steak, fish — even a whole-ass roast chicken.

But the most exciting feature might be the pizza preset. Yep, homemade pizza at the press of a button and no risk of burning your toppings to a crisp.

Aldi Special Buys Air Fryer Is On Sale For $149 This Week Only

The Aldi Special Buys air fryer sale is going live this Wednesday, June 24 until stocks run out. And FYI, stocks are very limited.

A whole heap of other accessories will be on sale on the day, like a pasta maker, lasagne dish and espresso machine. Keep an eye on the Aldi Special Buys site for more details.

Once you’ve got that bad boy sitting in your kitchen, you can start looking up recipes. I’ve been told that air fryers are a healthy alternative to deep frying food because they require a teeny amount of the oil to get the same crispy results.

But you can also make air fryed Caramello Koalas and Freddo Frogs so you do you.

(Lead image: Aldi / supplied)