Someone Just Found Guns And A Typewriter Made Of Teeth Behind A Locked Door In Their Airbnb

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Well, here’s a story I didn’t think I’d be writing today. In fact, it’s not a story I thought I’d ever write because it sounds like something straight out of a Stephen King novel and I stay the hell away from Stephen King.

On a recent trip away staying in an Airbnb, English woman Ashley Fryer did exactly what you’re never meant to do: she opened the locked room. She took to Twitter to share what she found there: two guns, a sexy picture and a typewriter with TEETH FOR KEYS.

Just let that sink in for a moment.

This is some 19th Century mass murder bullshit, if you ask me. She then (very correctly) acknowledged that they were probably going to die there. She also shared an image of the toothy typewriter, for your nightmares.

While I appreciate that she felt mean sharing too many details of the rental property in question, I also hate that she didn’t because I would like to never go there.

Other Twitter users were quick to respond with suggestions and the very good advice that you should NEVER opened the locked door, EVER.

In good news, Ashley has posted to Twitter since the *incident*, so she’s probably ok. Or her teeth are typewriter keys and the Airbnb owner just knows they have to keep the ruse going.

(Lead Image: Twitter /@ashleyfryer)