Give Your Next Holiday A Glow-Up By Learning Secret Skills From A Guinness World Record Holder

Airbnb offers a whole heap of wild holiday experiences, from staying in a treehouse surrounded by alpacas to living it up in a castle, but it’s really kicked things up a notch with its brand-new Guinness World Record experiences.

Now you can meet Guinness World Record holders and learn all of the secrets behind their award-winning skills. At last! The experiences range from tasting the world’s most expensive milkshake in New York to learning acrobatics with a circus performer in Portland.

“Our record holders are stepping off the page to bring their talent to life at a location near you,” Guinness World Records announced.

When you book the acrobatics experience, you’ll meet Brittany Walsh, who holds the record for farthest arrow shot using feet (more than 12-metres!). Brittany will show off her record-breaking stunt IRL and then teach you some circus acrobatics.

Or you can meet Getti in Las Vegas, who holds the record for the largest hula hoop spun and will teach you how to hula hoop like a pro. Martin will teach you magic tricks in London, and if you’ve ever wanted to break a board with your bare hands, Lisa and Chris Pitman in the UK can teach you the secrets of power-breaking.

Oh, and that milkshake we mentioned? It’s got Tahitian vanilla ice cream, Jersey milk, Madagascar vanilla beans, 23 karat edible gold and more, all served in a glass studded with thousands of Swarovski crystals.

Learn more about the Guinness World Record experiences and book your fave on the Airbnb website.

(Lead image: Airbnb)