Adelaide’s Monarto Zoo Has Finally Revealed The Names Of Its New Baby Giraffes

Can we get an "awwww"?!

This week officially marked World Giraffe Day, and to celebrate, Adelaide‘s Monarto Zoo revealed the names of its two recently born baby giraffes. The pair are just two months old, born just two weeks apart to mothers Myeisha and Kinky.

The names were decided according to a public voting competition. Luckily, giraffe fans came through with a pair of beautiful, majestic and utterly unique names: Meisha’s calf is Thando, the Zulu word for love, while Kinky’s son has been named Mabuti, which means boots in Swahili.

The pair are the 40th and 41st giraffes to be born at Monarto Zoo, officially making the South Australian zoo the most successful giraffe breeding centre in all of Australasia. It’s the first time calves had been born there in eight years.

Their births have been a huge triumph for conservationists; giraffes are now so endangered there are actually more African elephants in the wild than giraffes, with just 97,000 recorded living in the wild – that’s a staggering 40 per cent decline over the past three generations.

(Lead image: Jade Gailberger/Twitter)

Welcome to the world, Thando and Mabuti!