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AWOL is a title that’s all about inspiring young Australians to travel the world. AWOL about discovering the best new experiences either in your own backyard or around the world. From throwing a towel into the back seat of your car to strapping on hiking boots and exploring the Himalayas, it’s an amazing world out there and we aim to show you why.

Produced by Junkee Media, AWOL is a mobile-first travel title that is not like other guides. We’ll showcase all the places you really need to know about and give you the knowledge and inspiration to step off the well-worn track and see what you can find.

AWOL features the writing of some of Australia and the world’s leading young writers to create daily travel news, features and destination guides that combine photography, video and in-depth travel journalism to showcase unique places in Australia and around the world.

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Welcome to AWOL.

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