A Trendy Cocktail Bar Has Opened In An Underground Public Bathroom

It's not as gross as it sounds.

You’ve probably walked passed them numerous times and not given those underground bathrooms a second thought, but this subterranean hotspot has ditched the gross toilets and dank smells to create a super cool gin bar under the city of Kentish Town in north west London.


Fittingly titled Ladies & Gentlemen, this underground bar serves up fresh and seasonal cocktails and welcomes guests to this convenient late night spot right opposite the Kentish Town Forum.

The disused public toilets were bought by bar owner Will Borrell who secured a 15 year lease of the underground restrooms following a hefty battle with residents over the use of the area. Borrell has restored the building and its pre World War II fixings, including marble floors and traditional beams.


Ladies & Gentlemen locally source their ingredients and have a number of homemade liqueurs and syrups at their disposal.

The team behind the bar often run a caption competition for the bar’s sign out front – most involving some pretty literal toilet humour.


I see what you did there.

(Photos: Ladies & Gentlemen/Facebook)

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