A New Exhibition Will Display All The Gifts The Queen Has Received

Ever wondered what to get her?

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If you’ve ever wanted to know what kind of presents the Royals get, Buckingham Palace will be displaying hundreds of royal gifts Queen Elizabeth had the decency not to re-gift.

There’s a lot of perks to being the Queen of England, like receiving a present every single time you meet up with a world leader. After reigning for 65 years, it’s expected that Queen Elizabeth accrued a pretty cool collection of treasures from around the world.

Held in the State Rooms of Buckingham Palace, The Royal Gifts exhibition will present treasures from around the world, given to the Queen by iconic leaders like Dwight D. Eisenhower and Nelson Mandela.

Yoruba throne c.1956. Photo: Royal Collection Trust.

Some of the standout gifts will include the Vessel of Friendship gifted to her by China in 2015, a beaded Yoruba throne given to the Queen by Nigeria in 1956, a totem pole presented to the Queen in 1971 and baskets woven from coconut leaves, given to her by Queen Sālote Tupou of Tonga in 1953.

The Royal Gifts exhibition will run from July 22 through October 1, which you can tee up with the famous changing of the guards.

(Lead image: Vessel of Friendship/Royal Collection Trust)