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A Japanese Store Is Now Selling Ice Cream Cones Covered In Real Gold

Move over 99 cent cones, here's your new ice cream obsession.

We’ve seen our fare share of quirky foods here at AWOLover-the-top burgers, drive-through cheese toastie shops and pizza boxes made of pizza, just to name a few – but this one just might take the cake.

A Japanese company have introduced gold-covered ice cream and everyone is, understandably, going nuts.

So you may remember a little while back a New York City bakery created a a 24-karat gold doughnut which was bathed in Cristal and sold for a cool $100 a pop. Thankfully, this new golden treat is a lot more affordable – it’s actually edible gold leaf.

Gold leaf is real life gold that’s been hammered into thin sheets in a process called goldbeating. This particular gold leaf is created by Hakuichi (one of the largest producers of gold leaf in Japan) and is sold at their Kanazawa store alongside a number of gold-leaf inspired beauty products and materials. The soft serve ice cream is dusted with gold sprinkles and then covered in edible golf leaf to give it that five-star makeover.

Lucky for us this pretty cone won’t hurt the bank either – they’re 1,000 yen each, which is about $12AUD. The trend is so popular it’s now been adapted by Malaysian restaurant Milkcow.

This blows your precious hundreds and thousands right out of the water, hey?

(h/t Lonely Planet, lead image: left; piyurin/Instagram, right; maskatei/Instagram)