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A Dublin Pub Has Added Fried Creme Eggs To Its Menu

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In what could be the best Easter present we’ve ever received (sorry Mum), a Dublin pub has added fried creme eggs to its menu. Cue the heavy breathing.

The divisive seasonal chocolate that is the creme egg comes around to the glee and/or disgust of people every year. When we refer to the glee and disgust camp, we mean those people who eat so many that they inevitably feel sick (this very writer included).

But as a special Easter addition for all those who seriously love them, Adelphi pub in Dublin has come up with a special creme egg offering. Covered in a sweet, buttery dough, fried golden and dusted with icing sugar, Adelphi’s fried creme egg sounds super sickly and seriously good. We can’t wait to try it.

So if you’re in Dublin, please try one and tell us what it’s like. Or we’re just going to have to fly there and try it ourselves.

(Lead image: Adelphi/Twitter)