7 Affordable Accessories To Get You Through Winter Without Blowing The Budget

Winter is coming. I’m sorry, you’ll just have to give me that one, but lame quotes aside, it IS getting bloody cold.

Whether you’re still working from home or you just need a bit of warmth to help get you out of bed in the morning, it’s time for some cosy accessories and homewares.

You should know that as I write this, I’m sitting at my kitchen bench with a hot water bottle on my lap and my puffiest jacket on, while the rain pours down outside. I’ve also put myself on a budget. Like they always say, I’m writing what I know.

7 budget winter accessories

#1 Kmart’s Electric Throw

Instead of going on your bed like a fitted sheet, this electric throw goes on top and it’s only $35. It comes in grey and black and is actually quite nice looking. Buy here.

#2 Bunnings Oil Heater

My house, like so many in Sydney, becomes an ice box in winter. I just bought an oil heater for $35 and it’s the best — keeps the room warm but doesn’t dry out my face. Buy here.

#4 Cotton On Pjs


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Cotton On is also a good go-to for all your pyjama needs, but right now they have 30% off site-wide, including a whole bunch of cosy robes and jim jams. Buy here.

#5 Kmart Hot Water Bottle

If I may bring it back to Kmart again, they’ve got a whole bunch of hot water bottles with a range of cute covers for $10. I also got an adorble stuffed unicorn with a heat pack inside for the same price. Buy here.

#6 Slippers

The world might be opening up on June 1, but that doesn’t mean a cosy pair of slippers is any less relevant. Check out our top picks here, starting at only $15.

 #7 Urban Outfitter’s Mugs


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Incase you didn’t hear, Urban Outfitters has an Aussie online store now. They also happen to have the cutest mugs for around $20, to put all your hot bevvies into. Buy here.

(Lead Image: Pexels / cottonbro)