These Two Aussie Destinations Were Just Named In A ’50 Most Beautiful Places In The World’ List

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The world is chock full of insanely beautiful places. And while you could say that rating them is pointless — because beauty is in the eye of the beholder etc etc — it is possible to get a general consensus around most things (except maybe the US Presidential election).

To figure out what destinations are the world’s most beautiful, Big 7 Travel (who love a ‘50 best’ list) cross referenced Pinterest data, their Instagram’s most liked pics as well as editorial and reader suggestions to come up with the 50 most beautiful places in the world. Unsurprisingly, Australia made the list, twice – and in the top 15.

The world’s natural wonders feature heavily (think glacier-fed lakes, waterfalls, painted hills and more), as well as ancient towns, sacred sites and places you’ve probably never heard of.

Here are the top 15, for the full list, click here.

#15 Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia


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Tunisia’s answer to Santorini, Sidi Bou Said is a charming white-washed village in Northern Africa with cobalt-blue doors, cobblestone streets and secret flower-filled courtyards. An Arabian settlement perched on a promontory on the Mediterranean coast, this artsy, bustling spot is a hip escape for Tunisians (and those in the know).

#14 Pamukkale, Turkey


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These terraced thermal pools have been functioning as a spa since the second century BC, so it’s no surprise Pamukkale is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s a real beauty, with stark whites contrasting against the calcium-rich powder blue pools, all overlooking the Curuksu Valley.

#13 Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland


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Leave it to the Swiss to give us the quintessential charming mountain village. “Dotted with perfect chalet-style houses scattered over verdant green fields, the entire area feels like something from Sound of Music,” says Big 7 Travel. It’s also garnered the nickname ‘Valley of 72 Waterfalls’, in case you weren’t already convinced.

#12 Uluru, Australia


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This 700 million-year-old sacred monolith deep in the outback, holds unparalleled cultural and spiritual significance to First Nations people and Australia. With a magic needing to be experienced, Uluru is also known for its burnished hue that changes to deep reds and bright oranges with the colours of sunset and sunrise, but when there is heavy rainfall, the water causes cascading waterfalls down the rock (a rare sight known as Uluru Falls).

 #11 Cliffs of Moher, Ireland


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Situated on the magical Wild Atlantic Way, these spectacular sea cliffs jut out of the tumultuous Atlantic to soaring heights of 214m. Entirely vertical with edges that abruptly fall away, the area is the definition of rugged Irish beauty.

#10 Kyoto, Japan


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Kyoto was actually the capital of Japan for over a thousand years until 1868, when it was relocated to what is now Tokyo. It’s known as both Japan’s cultural and historical heart, the best place to experience traditional temples, shrines, gardens, geisha, shops, restaurants and festivals. Oh, and we haven’t even mentioned Cherry Blossom season, which is pure magic.

#9 Scottish Highlands, Scotland


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“Fairy glens. Crystal clear lochs. Lost castles. Rolling hills. And whiskey, lots of whiskey. The Scottish Highlands is one of the most magical places on Earth for its stunning landscapes, culture and food,” explains Big 7 Travel. This is wild beauty and its finest (with locals offering up the bonus of a totally hot accent/Outlander fantasies).

#8 Palawan, Philippines


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It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why Palawan makes the list. Because of its stretch across the Sulu and South China seas, it got a huge variety of nature from steep limestone cliffs, coral reefs, jaw dropping coves and stunning white-sand beaches – not to mention diverse wildlife.

#7 Banff National Park, Canada


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Majestic mountains, gorgeous valleys, alpine meadows and surreal-coloured glacial lakes – this is a seriously beautiful place. You’ve probably seen photos of many of the phenomenal lakes such as Lake Louise, Lake Peyto and Lake Moraine, but don’t forget the wildlife, including elk, moose, grizzlys, wolves and even sheep.

#6 Great Barrier Reef, Australia


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The Great Barrier Reef is absolutely incredible. It’s the only living thing visible from outer space. It’s millions of years old (prehistoric creatures still live there). The seabeds and coral reef are home to more than 1,500 species of fish and hold 10% of all the world’s fish. It’s aesthetically stunning. But it’s also incredibly fragile.

#5 Lake Bled, Slovenia


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Lake Bled is perfect fodder for a fairy tale. Full of historic charm (there’s a 1000-year old castle for starters) and gorgeous landscapes spanning mountains, forests and the lake itself, this is a beautiful spot tucked away in Slovenia’s Julian alps.

#4 Li River, China


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Towering Karst peaks along a winding river flanked with grazing water buffalo and working farmers – the Li River in China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region is breathtaking. With ancient villages, verdant bamboo groves, jagged cliff sides and more, it’s no wonder National Geographic dubbed it one of the world’s “10 watery wonders.”

#3 Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, USA


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Wyoming is paradise for nature lovers, whether you love to ride horses, fish or hike in one of its seven national parks (which includes Yellowstone). Speaking of, Grand Teton National Park offers up valleys, lakes, mountains, charming cabins and stellar sunsets. The Grand Tetons rise over 2,100 meters above Jackson Hole Valley, with this unbelievable mountain-scape dominating the already breathtaking area.

#2 Faroe Islands, Kingdom of Denmark


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Found stretching between Iceland and Norway in the North Atlantic Ocean (and politically part of Denmark), this self-governed group of 18 volcanic islands take ‘remote’ to a whole new level. It’s home to steep cliffs, hiking trails, waterfalls, and rocky coastlines, grass-roofed houses and best of all – puffins.

#1 Torres del Paine National Park, Chile


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The magnificent Torres del Paine National Park in southern Patagonia is wild beauty. “Even by Patagonian standards, Torres del Paine is absolutely awe-inspiring,” says Big 7 Travel. “From the ancient glacial lakes to the jagged range of Cordillera, from roaming pumas and endless grazing guanaco, Torres del Paine is the epitome of wilderness and takes first place for the most beautiful places in the world.”

 (Lead Image: Unsplash / Yanguang Lan)