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Please Enjoy The 5 Weirdest Burgers That Have Ever Existed In Australia

We may not be at U.S.A. levels when it comes to food challenges, but holy shit Aussies have created some truly batshit flavour combinations — we did invent Vegemite, after all.

This goes about triple when it comes to burgers. Not content to stick with a tried and true classic cheeseburger, we’ve done all sort of weird things — like chucking beetroot on it. Although one could argue it’s the rest of the world who’s weird for not doing this themselves.

Just for funsies, we’ve rounded up the 5 weirdest burgers ever to come out of Australia.

#1 The Lamington Burger


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Chuck Wagon 175 burger joint in Adelaide decided to take a lamington and tun it into a burger for a special Australia Day treat. I’m shook, but also I kind of hope they bring it back so I can try it.

#2 Double Decker Death Wish Burger


Image: Burger Urge / supplied

Officially named the hottest burger in Australia, if you wanted to give this monster a go you actually had to sign a waiver so that Burger Urge weren’t responsible for any damage it caused.

#3 The Don Burger


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Melbourne’s Beer and Burger Bar came up with The Don Burger — a food challenge cheeseburger weighing in at 3.5kg. Which should clearly be illegal. In good news though, they’re doing 20% off online orders for World Burger Day.

#4 Cheeseburger Dumplings


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The cheeseburger flavour may be inside a dumpling, but this still counts! Melbourne’s Drumpling restaurant love a crazy dumpling flavour, and these are no different.

#5 Fairy Bread Burger


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I love Fairy Bread as much as the next 90s kid, but I don’t know how I feel about Sydney burger restaurant, Downtown Brooklyn, turning it into a burger. Yet, here we are.

(Lead Image: Instagram / @dbpenrith/ @cw175)