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We’re About To Get 4 New Tim Tam Flavours, Including Mango & Cream

Something that I will never not write about, is the arrival of new baby Tim Tam flavours into the world: they either sound very weird, or super delicious and either way our world is always better for them. I know that sounds dramatic, but have you SEEN 2020? I take what joy I can find.


Anyway, four new flavours, as part of the Tim Tam Crafted Collection, are hitting the shelves on January 11. My personal favourite of them (based purely on descriptions) is the Kensington Pride Mango & Cream. Mango is obviously the superior fruit, and weirdly the only one I don’t hate when it’s turned into a sweet treat. According to Arnott’s, this flavour has “a delicious, tangy mango cream, which is sandwiched between two crunchy biscuits and covered in premium Tim Tam white choc”. Did I mention I’m also quite partial to white choccie?


Next flavour on the list is Murray River Salted Double Choc, with pure salt flakes sourced from the Murray Darling River Basin. Arnott’s says these salt flakes are then “stirred through gooey chocolate sauce and smooth cocoa chocolate cream, before being sandwiched between two crunchy choc biscuits and covered in premium Tim Tam milk chocolate”.

Then there are two flavour that don’t excite me personally because I hate dark chocolate and coffee, but I know I’m rather alone on that hill.


There’s Moreton Bay Raspberry & Dark Choc with raspberries from the Moreton Bay coastline and turns them into “a smooth raspberry cream, which is sandwiched between two crunchy biscuits and covered in rich, decadent Tim Tam dark chocolate”.


Finally, you can expect a Dimbulah Mountain Estate Coffee & Choc flavour. Arnott’s says to expect a “smooth and dark with a sweet chocolate and caramel body, the fine single origin arabica coffee grown at Dimbulah Mountain Estate delivers a distinctive, rich taste”. That coffee is baked into the crunchy biscuits that sandwich the cream.

The new Timmy Tams will be going for a recommended retail price of $4, and will be stocked in all major grocery stores. Stock up, mates.

(All Images: Provided / Arnott’s Biscuits)