19 Photos That Prove Just How Incredible Dark Mofo Is

We're already having withdrawals.

Now in its fifth year, Hobart’s Dark Mofo is a fortnight-long festival unlike anything else in Australia, if not the world. A challenging and beautiful celebration of all things dark, strange, eclectic and alternative, Dark Mofo is its own surreal, gothic little micro-universe that you’ll never want to leave.

From live music, theatre and performance art, to incredible food, drink, lasers and fire, you can walk in literally any direction about Hobart with the guarantee of finding something curious and wonderful within a few steps.

More than just the major events, it’s the subtleties that make Dark Mofo even better; from essentially all local stores and trade participating in one way or another, to the haunting ‘siren song’ which rang out across the waterfront each day, to the free installations, lights and unexpected live performance art dotting the streets.

Dark Mofo is enchanting, mesmerising, beautiful, and most importantly, weird as hell. Here are 19 photos to prove it.

(All images: Dark Mofo/Lusy Productions or original content)