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Melbourne’s Scoring A Pizza With 154 Kinds Of Cheese And Our Bodies Are Ready

Nothing in this world is better than cheese. Cheese is enough to turn a bad day into an amazing one. It glows up any meal and inspires holidays around the world. We simply have no choice but to stan cheese. And now 400 Gradi in Melbourne has created a pizza to end all pizzas: a pizza with 154 different kinds of cheese on it.

The 154 Cheese Pizza is the stuff of legend. The thing of dreams. The hero we need, but don’t deserve. And it’s available for a FEW DAYS THIS WEEK ONLY. Sorry for shouting, but you need to know about this.

The heavenly creation made its debut on this mortal coil late last year as a limited time offer. But a 154 cheese pizza cannot be contained by constructs like time or space, so it’s making its triumphant return on Thursday, September 5 at 400 Gradi restaurants around Melbourne.

400 Gradi In Melbourne Is Making A 154 Cheese Pizza This Weekend

The pizza holds the Guinness World Record for having the greatest variety of cheese on a pizza. And I know what you’re thinking: “How can one pizza have so much cheese?” Turns out, it’s got 1 gram of each variety on it — just enough for each flavour to make itself known.

“We also needed to be sure each individual cheese was distinct enough from the next, yet complimentary to each flavour, and could blend really well together once combined,” said Johnny Di Francesco, founder of 400 Gradi and mastermind of the 154 cheese pizza.

The special blend includes six different kinds of cheddar, multiple gorgonzolas, a couple of gooey bries, Persian feta, and some things that I’ve never even heard of. Have you ever eaten Kefalograviera cheese before? Neither, but I am about to.

You’ll have four days to get your hands on the 154 cheese pizza. It’ll be available until Sunday, September 8 at all 400 Gradi restaurants, so cancel your dinner plans — you don’t get to eat this many kinds of cheese in one sitting any old day.

(Images: 400 Gradi / supplied)