15 Photos That Prove Portugal Is The Iceland Of 2017

It’s safe to assume that 2016 was the year of Iceland, with the whole world (finally) waking up to the lush verdant landscapes and stunning natural wonders that encompass it. But as we move into a new year, and our travel goals have readjusted, so too has our eagerness to explore new places. So where is the number one place we’re crushing on right now? It’s gotta be Portugal. While most European countries have numerous borders, Portugal sits in relative isolation on the south-west edge of the mainland, sandwiched between Spain on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. Because of this, Portugal offers seaside beauty, eclectic scenery and cultural heritage all in one. It’s by no means an undiscovered stretch of land (especially to European tourists) but its unique location might just explain why it often comes up second fiddle for visitors to Spain and France. With that in mind, here’s a little visual stimulation to get you as excited as we are about Portugal. From colourful Lisbon to seaside Porto, Portugal is a brilliant burst of colour, minus the usual tourist glut.